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Accounting & Billing

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Payments In / Out

Inventory software with Payments In/Out functionality helps businesses keep track of the financial aspects related to their inventory. It allows for the management of incoming payments (revenue) and outgoing payments (expenses) associated with inventory transactions


Inventory software with expense management capabilities helps businesses keep track of various costs associated with maintaining and managing inventory.

Cash & Bank

Inventory software with cash and bank management functionalities helps businesses keep track of their financial transactions, particularly those related to cash and bank accounts

Inventory Management

Mange your stock and manage your inventory

Purchase, Sales and Returns

Inventory software with Purchase, Sales, and Returns functionalities is crucial for businesses to efficiently manage their inventory-related transactions.


Inventory software with Point of Sale (POS) functionality is designed to streamline the sales process by integrating inventory management directly with the point of sale.

Stock Transfer

Inventory software with stock transfer functionality is crucial for businesses that operate across multiple locations or warehouses. This feature allows you to transfer inventory between different stock locations, ensuring accurate tracking and maintaining optimal stock levels.

Product Management

Manage your business products, brands, categories in simple and easy steps

Product Management

Inventory software with robust product management features is essential for efficiently handling your inventory. Product Variants, Images and Attachments, Inventory Tracking, Pricing and Discounts etc

Brand Management

Inventory software with brand management features is designed to help businesses organize and track products based on their respective brands.

Category Management

Inventory software with category management features is essential for businesses looking to organize and streamline their inventory based on different product categories


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